Electronic Discharge Machining (EDM) Fluids

Whether for roughing work or use in ultra-fine finishing, we have dielectrics for die sinking, wire cutting or start hole drilling. Manufactured from high-purity synthetic base oils our fluids are enriched with discharge-intensifying, wear-reducing additives, ageing inhibitors, and oelheld-patented satellite electrodes (IonoPlus series) to give high quality, high performance fluids which last.


  • Reduced electrode wear

  • Superior polishing

  • Faster machining

  • Neutral odour

  • Non hazardous

  • Mixable

Enriched with…

  • Wear-reducing additives and ageing inhibitors for longer tool life

  • Discharge intensifying additives for superior polishing and faster machining

  • Oelheld-patented satellite electrodes (IonoPlus)


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