Mist Extraction Service Contracts


Regular cleaning and maintenance are important factors in the performance of electrostatic and mechanical air filters. If your system in poorly maintained, any subsequent drop in performance may leave you and your workers exposed to harmful airborne particles. This is one of the reason why COSHH regulations require most Local Exhaust Ventilation systems to be tested at least once every 14 months with a full LEV test.

With our service contracts, our thoroughly trained and experienced engineers will make sure your system is effective, compliant and working in an energy-efficient way for you. They will inspect items such as:

  • Pipes and ducting;

  • Testing of airflow rate is being achieved;

  • Adjust airflow for energy-saving benefits where appropriate;

  • Cleaning of filter elements and media;

  • Qualified LEV testing.

To arrange a service visit or obtain a quote tailored to your systems, get in touch with our technical service team on 01745 814 777