oelheld - your lubricant specialist since 1887!

Originally founded by Carl Christian Held in 1887, oelheld has a long history of fluid technology innovation, building a reputation as a supplier of high quality oils, fluids and lubricants for industry. Using state-of-the-art laboratories, equipment and dedicated in-house EDM and grinding research centres, our products have been specifically developed to offer superior performance and meet the changing needs of the industries we serve. We work closely with leading machine manufacturers and universities to develop products that are designed to meet the specific requirements of their machines. This kind of cooperation allows us to meet the needs of our customers and adapt our fluids to different applications.

oelheld UK was established in 1998 with parent company oelheld GmbH to provide these high quality EDM and grinding fluids to the UK manufacturing industry. Since then, we have expanded our product range and manufacturing operations to include the highest quality filtration systems for oils and fluids, associated consumable products, and both electrostatic and mechanical oil mist filtration systems.

Our complete portfolio has one common goal - to enhance the performance of our customer's capital investments by reducing down time, reducing consumable costs and increasing the amount of hours that are available for productive manufacturing, all within an environment free from potentially harmful oil mist particles.

HUTEC - Human Technology for Man, Environment and Machines

HUTEC is our philosophy for the development and production of our products. From energy-saving plant, technology and production facilities, to optimising our production processes and procedures, this philosophy allows us to have a positive social, environmental and commercial impact as well as enhancing our product offering for customers through:

More productive products and thus a more efficient use of resources;

  • A sustainable supplier with responsible raw materials selection;

  • A supplier with a focus on developing environmentally friendly and resource-saving products;

  • Products which have been tested for compatibility with machine components;

  • Products with minimal risk potential;

  • Odourless and low-vapour products;

  • Products free from heavy metals;

  • Products which are free from aromatic substances/low in aromatics;

  • Products tested for skin irritation.