IonoFil - dielectric wire for EDM

Developed in collaboration with the University of Louvain (Belgium) and leading companies in the Wire Electrical Discharge Machining field (WEDM), IonoFil has been specifically designed to offer a hydrocarbon-based dielectric for WEDM processes. As a hydrocarbon, it removes the need for laborious and cost-intensive deionisation of water, corrosion protection before, during, and after machining, and frequent medium changes. IonoFil reduces cobalt leaching and the associated corrosion, increasing tool service life (especially that of carbide punches). In addition, IonoFil allows a smaller spark gap to be used offering a greater level of precision machining with closer radii giving a superior surface finish with peak-to-valley variation as low as Ra 0.1 μm being achieved far faster and easier than with water.

Key Features:

  • No cobalt leaching with carbide metal

  • Better surface qualities

  • No corrosion on workpieces and the machine

  • Better precision machining thanks to smaller spark gaps

  • No microbiological attack

  • Reduced thermal shock

  • Less heat cracking


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