IonoPlus - Dielectrics for die-sinking

IonoPlus® IME MH is a real customer favourite. Unlike conventional mineral oil products, this combination of highly refined synthetic products is enriched with satellite electrodes in a special blending process. As a truly universal dielectric, IonoPlus® IME MH is suited for all operations from the finest finishing processes to the most effective rough cutting. IonoPlus® IME MH dielectric can be used in all conventional filter plants. Besides having the best possible effectiveness in flushing and the greatest possible disruptive strength, it offers a whole series of unique advantages:

  • Greater efficiency in metal removal - the time needed to build an ionization bridge is substantially reduced;

  • Greater resistance to electrode wear - macromolecules surround the electrode like a protective grid;

  • Improved surface quality - satellite electrodes bring about an optimal distribution of discharges;

  • Shining results in the polishing process - within a minimum amount of time a surface roughness of less than 0.1 μm can be achieved;

  • Best possible dispersing capacity - wift dispersion of waste particles helps actively to prevent burn spots from forming.


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