IonoGrind - multifunctional fluid

Grinding oil and dielectric in just one lubricant

IonoGrind is a multi-functional oil that is equally suitable as a dielectric for spark erosion as it is a grinding oil. It has been designed for use in combination machines (two-in-one systems) and unites the advantages of a high-performance dielectric giving a high metal removal rate and good surface quality, with a high-speed grinding oil that produces very little foam and vapour. Its special composition minimises cobalt leaching, making it the very best medium for eroding and grinding polycrystalline diamonds, HSS and hard metals.

IonoGrind is manufactured by enriching extremely pure synthetic products with satellite electrodes by means of a special blending method (German Patent No. 4132879, US Patent 08/859,703) and adding extremely age-stable-high-pressure additives giving it a number of key features…

Key Features

  • Extremely high stock removal rate

  • Minimum electrode wear

  • Highest surface quality

  • High grinding performance with PCD (PolyCrystalline Diamonds)

  • Removal of cobalt during carbide processing is minimised


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