Water Soluble Fluids

With the AquaTec range, our research and engineering teams have been able to over come the traditional disadvantages of many water-soluble metalworking fluids such as corrosion of machines and work pieces, stick residues, low tool life, fungi and bacterial development. Our AquaTec range has revolutionised the world of water soluble fluids, overcoming these issues and giving you water-miscible products that you can rely on, providing stability to your processes and offering you the potential to significantly reduce your ongoing costs.

Benefits of our AquaTec Series…

  • Excellent surface finish

  • Reduced coolant maintenance

  • Good corrosion protection

  • Improved tool life

  • Extreme long life without use of additional additives

  • Universal use possible on single and centralised filtration systems

  • High cleaning efficiency

  • No foam problems

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