ToolGrind - grinding oil

ToolGrind grinding oils are free of chlorine and heavy metals and are made from low aromatic, hydrogenated base oils. They produce very little oil mist and have a good viscosity-temperature relationship while being highly resistant to ageing. Extensive scientific research has shown the active ingredients used are physiologically harmless.

Our ToolGrind range is engineered with high performance additives that have high pressure absorption capacity. Together with surfactants, this results in high surface quality along with very good cooling, wetting and lubricating properties. The grinding wheels remain clear and abrasive during use. The required force, workpiece surface temperature, and grinding wheel wear are significantly reduced. Furthermore, the products are very low-foaming and have good rinsing and cooling capacity.

ToolGrind can be used for all high speed grinding operations with a wide range of materials including non-ferrous metals, CBN, PCD, chrome-nickel steels, HSS and carbide. ToolGrind is suitable for all common filter types including edge filter systems. ToolGrind grinding oils are available in different viscosities and for different materials

Key Features

  • Faster machining

  • Increased surface qualities

  • No filtering problems

  • Increased grinding wheel life

  • No hairline cracks on the tool surfaces

  • No cobalt leaching

  • Low foaming


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