Spindle Oil

Fine filtered hydraulic fluid for your spindles

HiPure HLPD 68

HiPure HLPD 68 spindle oil is a fine filtered, zinc-free, paraffin based fluid with specific additives to give an excellent wear protection, ageing resistance and enhanced glide performance. Specifically designed for hydrostatic systems, HiPure HLDP 68’s high purity grade make it suitable for the lubrication of bearings in engines and high-frequency spindles, such as Step-Tec. HiPure has excellent detergent and dispersing properties, outstanding corrosion protection, and is characterised by:

  • Fine filtered according to purity class 15/13/10 (ISO 4406)

  • Improved gliding performance

  • Increased ageing stability

  • Detergent and dispersing effect

  • Absorbing of water

  • Hydraulic fluid HLPD according to DIN 51 524-2:1985 and DIN 51502,

  • Purity class: 15/13/10 according to ISO 4406

  • 8 according to SAE AS 4059

EvoFluid HLP

In addition to HiPure HLPD 86, our EvoFluid HLP hydraulic oil can also be used in electrostatic spindle machinery. EvoFluid HLP meets DIN 51524-2:1985-06 classification for hydraulic systems.

EvoFluid HLP hydraulic and spindle oils are made from high-quality base oils giving positive viscosity-temperature behaviour. The addition of active ingredients ensures good sliding properties, a reduction in wear, and better ageing stability. Good corrosion protection, low foaming tendency, favourable water separation capacity and good compatibility with mineral oil-resistant sealing materials are guaranteed.

EvoFluid HLP is also suitable as a machine lubricating oil for the lubrication of high-speed spindles on machine tools in which a low-viscosity medium is recommended. Our spindle oils are available in different viscosities.

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