EvoFluid Clean - Hydrocarbon Solvent

Our EvoFluid Clean products are a range of synthetically produced hydrocarbon solvents designed for degreasing iron, nonferrous metals and plastic. Our range offers an ecofriendly alternative to Tri-, Per- or other halogenated hydrocarbons and can be used in ultrasonic baths without any restrictions. The range offers low-aromatic, kind to skin and glycol-ether free products, designed to contribute to better health protection in the workplace and all ingredients used are FDA-listed and approved for the contact with food. EvoFluid Clean 27/43/56/63 may cause slight, temporary, swelling of rubber and plastic materials; hardened, undamaged varnishes will not be affected but a compatibility test is recommended, nevertheless.

If EvoFluid Clean comes into contact with your skin, firstly remove and wet clothing and thoroughly rinse the areas of skin effected. Although no toxic or allergic reactions have been observed, it is recommended that you undertake normal measures to protect your skin while using EvoFluid Clean.

Key Features

  • Excellent dissolving properties

  • High oil and dire-bearing capacity

  • High flash point

  • Fast evaporation

  • EvoFluid Clean 27/43/56/63 are virtually aromatic-free

  • Low foaming

  • Easy disposal


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