Controlfil 2 - Anti-Corrosion (Concentrate)

Workpiece protection for EDM applications

ControFil 2 has been developed specifically for use in wire erosion machines, to prevent the undesirable corrosion of work pieces and machines. A concentrate product, ControFil 2 is mixed with the de-ionized water used in the EDM machine; we recommend that ControFil 2 is added to the de-ionized water in a container outside the machine and then divided equally between the dirty-water and clean water tanks. A concentration of 0,5% guarantees optimal rust proofing.

Key Features:

  • No alteration of the conducting capacity of the de-ionized water

  • No reduction of the cutting efficiency of the machine

  • Low concentration (0.5 vol.%)

  • Physiological safety

  • Almost odourless

  • No interference with waste disposal

  • No influence on steel, non-ferrous or heavy metal and graphite

  • The processed parts can be further processed without any problems

  • ControFil 2 can be removed with water

  • Filtration of the de-ionized water is not influenced

The concentration of ControFil 2 can easily be checked with a refractometer, (factor 1.5: read the number on the refractometer and multiply it with 1.5 - the result is the concentration)

If permanent rust proofing of the work pieces taken out of the machine is desired, we recommend after-treatment with our CORTEC VCI products.

ControFil 2 is not suited for precoated filter systems.


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