Fluid Filtration Systems

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From plant-wide central systems, to standalone units serving individual machines, our highly experience team will be able to advise on the right system for you. We’ll take into account the nature of your processes, the material(s) you are working with, the space you have available, the flow rate, and the accuracy of chilling required, among other factors.

We serve the whole of the UK and have worked with companies installing filtration from scratch, expanding existing systems, or changing over to a new system to reduce oil consumption and get the performance they expect from their metalworking fluids. We also offer annual service contracts, (which you can read about here) to keep your systems compliant and running smoothly.

So, if you’re looking for a new system, want to expand an existing setup or are just interested in our service contracts for your existing equipment, get in touch…

Call our technical team to discuss your requirements on 01745 814 777

Service Contracts

Our service contracts are designed to keep your systems running smoothly and compliant, and avoiding costly downtime through the early detection of potential problems. We take a holistic approach to our service and check the whole process of supplying oil to your machines, not just the filtration itself, to make sure all elements of the system are working well together. Find out what;s included here.

Our Partners


oelheld UK Ltd represents the interests of Ebbco Filtration in the UK and Europe. Ebbco's reputation for quality and performance has made them a market leader in the US and with systems available for all modern manufacturing processes, including EDM machining, metalworking, stoneworking and waterjetting, we can provide a clear solution for all your filtration needs.


VOMAT offers high performance back flushing cartridge filter systems with highly accurate temperature control, automatic controlled sludge sedimentation and online monitoring to avoid any shut downs of the filtration system during production. Thanks to the modular design, it is possible to easily extend and adapt VOMAT systems to meet changing requirements.


The Transor Systems are based on their One Micron Filtration technology and require little maintenance. Operating on the principle of edge filtration, dirty oil is forced toward the centre of each element and particles larger than One Micron are trapped on the filter “edge”. Rather than being replaced, the elements are cleaned automatically with compressed air that removes the debris and places it into a receptacle for reclamation or disposal.