Ex-Demo VOMAT FA 240 Offer


We have an ex-demo FA 240 filtration system with an integrated high precision chiller and the capacity of running up to 2 tool grinding machines* available for sale at a reduced price.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: (W)1600 x (H)1000 x (D)1000mm

  • Height of dirty oil inlet: 400 mm

  • Filtration grade: NAS7 (particle size : 3 micron)

  • Oil capacity: approximately 500l

  • Filter case with separate areas for clean and dirty oil

  • Waste disposal drum with oil extraction

  • On-demand filtration

  • Micro-filter elements adapted to the max flow rate

  • PLC control

  • Filter control display

  • Integrated high precision chiller with temperature control of + / - 0.2 degrees making it suitable for very high precision grinding.

(*Connection of second machine will require additional options for extra oil volume and machine electrical interfaces.)

Only 1 unit available

Interested? Get in touch to discuss integrating a new FA 240 into your systems on 01745 814 777